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Who we are

Landbrok is a premium real estate group. As a leading property development and professional services company, Landbrok offers a wide array of products and services essential for the investing public in the Nigerian real estate sector.

We are poised to providing quality affordable homes with great designs for all classes. Our sole focus as property developers in Nigeria is to create the best quality residential-led mixed use developments in class.

We concentrate in identifying satellite towns to highbrow areas where home seekers and the working class in the highbrow areas can find cheap and alternative accommodations for themselves and their families.
In addition to our own development portfolio, we also offer land owners, home seekers and property investors our experience and expertise across a range of dedicated services – which can be delivered in partnership, joint venture or as development managers – in order to optimize returns from residential-led developments.

Our developments are planned to meet the needs of our clients, address their concern for a controlled budget, affordability and the environment. With the new homes we build ranging from 1 bedroom flats to 5 bedroom family homes, with strife to strike a meaningful balance between housing as a need and a luxury.

So, whether for accommodation need or investment purpose, we will help you find your choice and the ideal investment property from multitude of competing and misleading offers in the market place. We will also guide you through the buying process.


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Creating a listing on Landbrok is FREE, but only permitted for property owners or their direct agents. If you are an agent, please do not attempt to list a property unless you have direct instruction from the property owner.