Just a Little Tips on Choosing Good Tenants

Be Very Thorough

One of the most important areas when considering a property investment is the selection of a tenant.

There are many things to consider when buying a tenanted property or buying a vacant property and choosing a tenant. It is not always advisable to select the tenant who offers the highest rent.

It is important to carefully check references with current and previous Agents or Landlords, employers and accountants. A tenant’s credit worthiness and solvency should also be checked to ensure continuance compliance in timely payment of rent Also ensure the tenant has not left a previous rental property damaged and/or owing money.

Conversely it is just as important to us to have Landlords that take pride in their investments and deliver to a good tenant a good property that has been well maintained and is clean.

As a landlord you will never attract the best tenants paying good rents unless you have the best presented boutique style properties.

It is important for tenants to thoroughly inspect the property and ensure the Condition Report is an accurate reflection of the property’s state.

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