Are you planning to buy a home? Here is some guide and checklist for property buyers

When planning to buy a property, a handy checklist to help guide you the process of making and putting into effect that decision to buy can make all the difference for you. It will help give you some comfort as you navigate through the processes.

We have provided below some useful planner where you can tick off each of the stages as you complete them.

First, are you ready?

  • You need to first of all decide if you’re ready to buy a property.
  • This decision would mean, do you have a large enough amount for the purchase?
  • If you do not have a lump sum, do you have a reasonable deposit and can you meet all requirements for a mortgage loan?
  • If mortgage is not an option owing to sometimes almost impossible requirement from banks and mortgage institutions, then do you have enough information about using your current savings as a deposit to start a structured payment plan by instalment with developers?
  • Calculate how much you can afford to spend per month making instalments.

Next, starting your property search

  • You need to first decide on what kind of property you are looking for and preferred locations.
  • Consider existing vs new homes.
  • Draw up ‘would like’ and ‘really need’ lists.
  • You should also have a budget plan that matches your financial capacity.
  • Work out a ‘home triangle’: budget, space and location.
  • Then find the best agent to work you through or use our customer service to guide you.
  • Get an offer lined up from list of available properties for sale according to your preferences.
  • Weigh up ‘free’ offers or incentives from developers.
  • Make a selection from the offers.

Before making an offer

  • Ensure the vendor you are speaking with is either the property owner or someone with direct instruction from the property owner.
  • Research prices paid recently for properties in the area and current home value trends.
  • Organise a survey or valuation if you need to, but most times you won`t need one.
  • Make a physical inspection of the property personally or use a trusted sources.
  • Ask questions about title, utility bills, security related issues and every and anything that is of concern to you.
  • Just ask Palydom when in need of answers.

Before parting with your money

  • Choose a solicitor.
  • Check the solicitor is making enquiries and getting title deed information.
  • Verify title completely and the identity f the owner.
  • Make an offer in writing.
  • Ensure you are satisfied with answers to questions about all your concerns.
  • For properties in current possession, ensure you speak personally with the occupant and find out what interest the occupant has in the property if any.
  • Agree a date when the vendor or occupant moves out and you move in
  • Set the completion date.
  • Sign contracts for exchange.
  • Make payment as agreed.
  • Get the transfer document and title deeds.

While every effort has been taken to ensure the above information is up to date, some inaccuracies may occur. All information was correct at time of publication and is provided in good faith.

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