Buying Process

We work in the best interest of all stakeholders, but particularly buyers of real estate. Therefore, we are working together in the industry to create value for real estate investors and buyers. As a brand this is our brand’s selling point – the Palydom Buyer Protection Policy. It is exactly what makes Palydom different and stands out from competitors in the real estate market place.

Our buying process includes:

Step 1 

Property Request

Our relationship with a client begins when you contact us or visit our website, not necessarily when you make a purchase of a property from us. However, exemplary services we offer becomes clearer the moment you show active interest in any of our properties or projects, or when you make a request of the property you need. You can call our consultants on any of the following numbers – 0809 055 4619 or 01-2952333 to make a property request. In addition, you can personally search our website data base for your choice of property or complete the online property request form.

Step 2 

Property Hunting 

When we receive client’s property request, our consultants will immediate process and follow up on the request. We will hunt for exact property the client have requested. If your request matches any property on our database it will be immediately presented to you, else we will contact our trusted partner developers in the locations you have requested who will immediately activate a marathon search for your choice property.

Step 3 

Property Selection

In the course of the property search or at the conclusion of it, all properties matching the client request will be presented to the client for selection. Even where a client had personally selected a property on the website, we will also provide further options related to the choice of property the client have made. Our consultants will provide all relevant facts and information and guide the client through the selection process.

Step 4  Due Diligence

Upon selection of property by a client, if it is not our own development, then our lawyers will inspected the property details and the seller, as well as relevant title documents. Our lawyers will also provide the client with a preliminary legal opinion regarding the property title and discoveries if any. At the instance of the client a more indebt due diligence investigations will be conducted by our lawyers. This will include search at relevant property registries and government agencies. It may also include site visit for on the spot inspection of the property. At closure (that is if property is eventually bought) 50% of any legal search fee paid will be returned to the client.

Step 5 


After the choice of property have been made and all relevant issues satisfactorily dealt with, at the instance and direct supervision by the client, our consultants will enter into negotiations with the seller with the aim of getting the best price possible on the property. We will be guided by our proficient knowledge of the market and the client will be advised in advance of the possible price bracket for the property. If and when a deal is reached, at the instance of the client, our lawyers will also oversee the conveyance and exchange of contract.

Step 6  FREE Insurance Cover

At the conclusion of a deal by a client (irrespective of whether or not our lawyers were retained on the job) the client immediately gets a FREE comprehensive property insurance cover for the property and another FREE instant life cover both from AXA Mansard Insurance PLC. T&C applies.

Step 7  Perfection of Title

Further and lastly, our lawyers will provide the client free legal opinion on the steps required for successful registration and perfection of the title/interest newly acquired by the client over the property.

We look forward to doing business with you.

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