What we do

Palydom provides property development, home acquisition and management services. The company is in business to provide innovative approaches in the areas of investment and wealth management through property acquisitions, management and market speculations for carefully selected clients. We started business with a vision to reinvent the market patterns by introducing transparency, integrity and professionalism in a market calling for more standards practice.

Our services span across the following:

Property Development

Our sole focus as property developers in Nigeria is to create the best quality residential-led mixed use developments in class. We concentrate in identifying satellite towns to highbrow areas where home seekers and the working class in the highbrow areas can find cheap and alternative accommodations for themselves and their families.

Our developments are planned to meet the needs of our clients, address their concern for a controlled budget, affordability and the environment. With the new homes we build ranging from 1 bedroom flats to 5 bedroom family homes, with strife to strike a meaningful balance between housing as a need and a luxury.

We aim to deliver homes to our clients in simple, transparent structured payment plan that removes the uncertainties usually faced by medium income earners and small investors. Our solution enables just anyone to own a home with ease or build a property based investment portfolio that delivers consistent returns.


We understand current incapacity to build all types of homes to satisfy the yearnings of our clients. So, we have partnered with other trusted property developers in other to close this gap. Therefore, we continue to work together in the industry to create value for stakeholders and satisfy the needs of our clients. In the market place, we are reorganized as the Buyers Advocate, because we have designed our processes to eliminate fraud, delay and overhead cost, which most times result from multiplicity of agents and quacks.

Through our dynamic network of information, opportunities and ideas, we provide you with best formula for closing best property deals in Nigeria. Whether for accommodation need or investment purpose, we will help you find your choice and the ideal investment property from multitude of competing and misleading offers in the market place. We will also guide you through the buying process.

We help buyers of real estate reduce the stress of property hunting, save cost and protect their investment, while also helping property sellers find buyers speedily. We work in the best interest of all stakeholders, but particularly buyers of real estate. We ensure that buyers, sellers and all relevant players in the real estate sector are effectively and timely interconnected to achieve optimum sales and satisfaction

With our insight of local markets and excellent relationships within the industry, we give our clients early access to quality opportunities for exclusive deals with great prospect for returns on investment. Our clients enjoy easy access to a target and ready market to conclude property deals faster and smarter.

Joint Venture Development

In addition to our own development portfolio, we also offer landowners, home seekers and property investors our experience and expertise across a range of dedicated services – which can be delivered in partnership, joint venture or as development managers – in order to optimize returns from residential-led developments.

We partner property owners at selected locations in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja to create the best quality residential-led mixed use developments in class. We offer land owners opportunity to optimize returns from their lands, given them alternative to outright sell.

  • Do you have lands or know genuine vast expanse land owners who are desirous of developing the vast expanse of lands but lack finance and/or required expertise?
  • Do you have properties – Lands, buildings with genuine documents that you are contemplating for disposal?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “YES” please contact us for investment and partnership interactions.

Our in-house team led by a property lawyer and comprising of surveyors, architects, consulting engineers will manage and deliver all projects and are responsible for:

  • Undertaking comprehensive due diligence assessment for the project including title related investigations.
  • Reviewing and adding value to planning applications and achieve positive resolution.
  • Liaising with government agencies for regulatory issues.
  • Managing the development project from inception to delivery.

Palydom has formed a joint venture with established property and development companies locally and abroad. This creates powerful capabilities for mutual interest, given land owners long term benefits and opportunities.

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